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Post by =HK=JACKSPARROW^ on Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:03 pm

1) HAVE FUN!!!!!!

2) Don't break rule #1

3) Never mis-treat a new player or players either [RK]clan or non-[RK]clan. Exercise patience!

4) Never go off on a player! Keep your head and your cool.

5) Respect all members/players as you would want to be respected. Never allow or participate in discussions on servers that might make other players feel uncomfortable!

6) Try to help new players the best you can to learn how to play the game and to have fun with it. Never put down a player who is trying to learn. Always remember that at one time you were that new player. Help them, Don't shame them.

7) Always remember to some this is more than a game!! Present yourself as you wish others to present themselves to you: With honor!!!

Cool Non-Members are not allowed to wear [RK] tags in any sort of variation and or have forum signitures that have [RK] anywhere in them.
If an Admin/Founder asks you to change your display name you have 48hrs to change it or recieve site Ban period and must create a new account without [RK] tags (Please we would like to avoid such an action, we apreciate your enthusiasm). If you have applied to join [RK] please restrain yourself to adding tags until your trial period is over and are accepted to the clan.


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